Laboratory of safety engineering

Laboratory of Safety Engineering is the testing laboratory accredited by ČIA o.p.s. Prague, under the number 1167.2. As an accredited testing laboratory, it conducts its activity in accordance with ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

The object of accreditation is testing of explosives, explosive articles, explosion hazardous compounds and wastes according to directives for assessment of explosiveness and for transport, defining of safety characteristics of explosives and chemical stability of smokeless powders.
Certificate of accreditation

Accredited services (certificate):

  • BAM fallhammer test
  • Friction test
  • Thermal stability test at 75°C
  • Fulmination point test
  • Determination of sensitivity to external thermal stimulus – Koenen test
  • Determination of ability of a substance to propagate detonation – UN GAP test
  • Test of mass explosion capacity – Single package test
  • External fire test
  • Unconfined package test
  • Twelve metre drop testannex

Tests beyond the extent of accreditation:

  • Determination of thermal stability – DSC method
  • Determination of chemical compatibility – DSC method
  • Determination of thermal stability by means of DTA method
  • Determination of detonation propagation


Petr Jirásek
tel.: +420 466 825 774
fax: +420 466 822 939
email: [email protected]

Technical contact:

Renata Špásová
tel.: + 420 466 824 051
email: [email protected]