Explosives test room

Test Room for Explosives carries out verification of function parameters of explosives with simultaneous ensuring of in-process and final inspection of their production. At the same time the Test Room ensures passing judgments and verification of properties of explosive compounds for a wide range of customers.

We offer:

  •  Determination of detonation capacity of industrial explosives
  • Determination of critical diameter of charge
  • Determination of effects of explosives to Trauzl
  • Determination of relative effectiveness of industrial explosives in ballistic mortar
  • Determination of brisance by lead block compression test
  • Determination of detonation transmission of industrial explosives
  • Determination of detonation velocity of industrial explosives
  • Determination of the grade of water resistance of industrial explosives for classification purposes
  • Determination of detonation capacity of industrial explosives exposed to water pressure
  • Classification and methods of testing of permissible explosives in explosive mixtures
  • Determination of resistance of permissible explosives with respect to deflagration


Petr Jirásek
tel.: +420 466 825 774
fax: +420 466 822 939
email: [email protected]

Technical contact:

Martin Kubíček
tel.: +420 466 825 793
fax: +420 466 822 938
email: [email protected]

Renata Špásová
tel.: + 420 466 824 051
email: [email protected]