VÚPCH is mainly focused on the research and development of technologies related to the production of ammunition, explosives and combustible masses, to cartridge and ammunition elaboration, low-volume production of ammunition and explosives, and other applied techniques, such as the production of components for air rescue systems, blasting manufacturing of metals aimed at optimization of their applicable properties (chemical resistance, abrasion resistance), including explosive welding of various kinds of metals which cannot be welded in a traditional way, special blasting and demolition works, customised evaluations of explosive detectors, etc.

All activities of individual departments have come from our own long-standing tradition and experience in research, development, and testing of individual products, and in our own production activities since 1921.

The laboratories of VÚPCH do not provide only research and development activities, but also a wide range of analyses and tests for the production plants of EXPLOSIA a.s. and for external clients, e.g. analyses and identification of unknown explosives, ballistic tests of ammunition, detonating and safety tests of explosives, etc. many of those tests are accredited as per ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

The employees of VÚPCH provide expert advice in the area of stability of propellants, explosive detection, identification of ammunition from munitions, disposal of ammunition, pyrotechnical compositions and other components disassembled from large calibre munitions and rockets; they also provide expert opinions for military research bases and special training services (e.g. training of bomb disposal experts, and other).

Poster 65th anniversary of VÚPCH no. 1
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