Heat flows measurement

Technical description:
The apparatus is designed for microcalorimetric measurements. The apparatus is capable of recording a heat flow and thus of monitoring all heat coloured chemical and physical processes taking place in the tested sample. The measurement proceeds at chosen constant temperature and its result is heat flow – time dependence. Applications include a series of branches (biology, medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, material engineering). In the field of explosives the method is advantageously utilized for assessment of their stability, compatibility with other materials and for service life estimation. Utilization of microcalorimetry in this field is governed by STANAG 4582 and 4147 standards.

Technical parameters:

Type of apparatus
TAM III, typ 3206-3
TA Instruments – Waters LLC, DE
 Temperature range
15 – 150 °C
 Detection limit
200 nW
 Volume of measuring ampoule
4 ml



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