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Accredited by ČIA o.p.s. Prague, under the number 1167.2, Accredited Ballistic Test Room has been accredited according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17 025 standard since 2002 and offers services in the field of:

Certificate of accreditation

Accredited services (Certificate):

  • measurement of ballistic parameters (i.e. projectile velocity, maximum pressure, pressure development in the chamber, measurement of action time) according to commercial as well as military methods at the weapons of calibre up to and including 30 mm foto1, foto2
  • measurement of generators thrust and pressure (ballistic tests of rocket motors, pyrocartridges etc.) – foto1,foto2

Non-accredited services:

  •  measurement of dynamic pressure in confined systems according to customer’s requirements
  • measurement of basic internal ballistic parameters at the weapons of calibres from 30 mm to 125 mm according to TP-VD- 8/79 – foto
  • test of armor resistance and penetrability of ammunition of calibre up to and including 30 mm
  • firing tests of LOVA ammunition
  • conditioning of objects in conditioning chambers within -80°C to + 100°C
  • testing of bulletproofness of body armors and various materials according to ČSN 39 5360, AKII and NIJ standard
  • determination of smokeless powders pre-detonation zone length according to ČSN 668102
  • determination of pyrostatic properties of propellants in closed vessel according to STANAG 4115 or MIL-STD-28

Prices of above mentioned services are fixed with regard to time consuming character of particular service and quantity of the material consumed.


Petr Jirásek
tel.: +420 466 825 774
fax: +420 466 822 939
email:[email protected]

Technical contact:

Martin Schmidt 
tel.: +420 466 824 094
fax:+420 466 822 938
email: [email protected]
Ing. Leoš Čermák
tel.: +420 466 825 815
fax: +420 466 823 951
email: [email protected]