Reloading Guide

Explosia a.s. offers a wide range of powders in the area of ammunition.

Single base and spherical powders used in e.g. hunting ammunition. The double base powders are popular because of their reliability when used at low temperatures. We offer reloading powders directly in consumer packages to our wholesalers. Part of the production of smokeless powders is the production for military applications. We belong among the top producers in the area of ammunition showing the trend.

The Explosives division consists of three separated units.

The first unit deals with the production of Vesuvit® black powders, Semtex plastic explosives and the explosives of DAP type, in the international marking of ANFO, sold under the brands Permon® and KAT Permonex®. The second unit is focused on the production of NGG, NGL and dynamites sold under the brands Perunit® and Ecodanubit, DBT Ostravit®, Slavit®, and Emsit® emulsion explosives. The third unit produces pentrite, pentritole, Startline Cordtex and TNR.