The joint stock company was established in 1998 as a company with its main activity represented by foreign trade in military materials. The management of AliaChem a.s. decided to prepare a divesting programme for the segment of explosives of the detached plant of Synthesia Aliachem a.s. in 2001. The start of the business activities of the company Explosia depended on a non-monetary contribution of a company part– VOJ Explosia, from the joint stock company of Aliachem in the amount of 448 million CZK to Explosia a.s. dated 31st May 2002 in consequence to the schedule of resolutions of the Czech Government No. 89 of 23rd January 2002.

The aim of the project was to further increase the registered capital of Explosia a.s. to reach the capital amount of 1,165,000,000 CZK with a single shareholder and become completely owned by the state.

Explosia a.s. started its business activities on 1st June 2002 and followed the tradition of 1920; one of our priorities is to maintain the good company reputation which we have developed for many decades in this special production branch. Explosia a.s. prefers socially-responsible business and environmental protection. A certified quality management system as per ČSN ISO 9001 has been introduced and implemented.

In March 2020, the company celebrated 100 years of its existence. To commemorate this important anniversary, we published a publication named 100 Years on Gunpowder. You can download its electronic version here (click to cover picture for download).

100 Years on the Gunpowder