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Explosia a.s. produces two basic types of powders – single base (nitrocellulose) powders and double base (nitro-glycerine) powders with a different content of nitro-glycerine. For special use, we also manufacture triple base powders based on Nitro-guanidine with the main application for tank ammunition of 155 mm and 125 mm.
Depending on the production technology of the powders, we make flake, disc, cylindrical, tubular, seven-perforated, and spherical powders. Explosia a.s. produces many types of powders for the majority of common ammunition types.

  • Single base powders (marked S)
  • Double base powders (marked D)
  • Powders for reloading
  • Smokeless powders for military applications

Guarantee of quality

Explosia a.s. guarantees that every produced amount of the powder will show required characteristics in terms of velocity and pressure. Within the production process, the powders undergo strict control tests which monitor the quality of crucial physical parameters of the powder (grain-size, amount, density, water content) and chemical properties (composition, ash, stability), and ballistic properties as well. Ballistic tests are performed by using modern equipment enabling to monitor the process of a shot and its characteristics. Important ballistic features are defined after a 24-hour powder tempering phase at required temperatures. The powder is processed at the relative air humidity of 60±5%.


The powders mentioned herein are packed in cardboard barrels or boxes with conductive PE sacks. Basically, the amount of the powder is in the range of 8 – 40 kg depending on the powder type and its burning properties. The powders can be packed as per the customer requirement into a different kind of package. The permission of the package producer is requested then, and the package shall comply with the conditions for transport of hazardous materials. The powders for reloading are packed in bottles made of conductive PE with the content of 0.5 kg up to 1 kg.