Special products

Special products catalogue

Our company produces a complex range of pyrotechnic components of air rescue systems designed primarily for the planes AERO L-39, L-59, and L-159, especially the URM rocket engines which are used for accelerating the pilot’s safety seat when catapulting; the ROP rocket engine is designed for the canopy overlap emergency release, and other types of pyro-preparations.

Explosia also offers other special types of pyro-cartridges for special use. We also provide supplies of ballistic devices (bombs for propellant testing of ammunition and munitions, or automobile industry, testing devices for rocket engines) separately or in the form of technology delivery.

Moreover, the company provides pilot production of a wide range of propellants used as components in the production of explosives and ammunition with a high added value, in the research and development of new types of gas generators, propellants, and special explosive systems.

Special products, such as DMNB used as a detection additive into plastic explosives, for our own needs, and for export as well; plastic explosives of high quality for application in military and police forces, and other products for special blasting and demolition works.