Who We Are

We are a traditional and the most important Czech producer of blasting explosives. The history of our company goes back to 1920 when the company Czechoslovak Joint-stock Factory for Explosive Materials was founded in Semtín near Pardubice.

We are a company that is 100% state-owned, with a significant position on the market of industrial explosives, not only within the Czech Republic and European Union, but also all over the world.

Apart from the production of blasting explosives and ammunition, we also provide our own comprehensive range of services for drilling and blasting works, especially for opencast mining and quarrying.

What We Produce

The base portfolio of the current company production of Explosia a.s. is ammunition, for example spherical and nitrocellulose powders.

Part of our production is also the division of explosives with the most famous products being Perunit and Emsit.

We also deal with the production of black powder and other specialities, such as the globally renowned plastic explosive Semtex. Moreover, we manufacture pyrotechnic preparations for air rescue systems.

Our Services

The FOSPOL division provides services for opencast mining of rocks, especially drilling, blasting, and ground works for opencast mine output.

Part of the company Explosia a.s. is the Research Institute of Industrial Chemistry (VÚPCH) which provides research and development in the area of explosives and ammunition.

Explosia a.s. also offers additional graphitising of powders, disposal of airbags, or tests of bullet-proof materials. Furthermore, we provide services in the area of analytical chemistry, testing, and safety engineering services for explosives and ammunition.

About us

We are one of the biggest employers in the region of Pardubice, and the production of high-quality products is one of our objectives. We employ more than 600 employees. We respect our employees as they create the company results substantially, and its good reputation. We expect our employees to be enthusiastic, independent, willing to learn new things, reliable and responsible, easygoing, loyal, with a team spirit. If you want to start your career in our company, send your cover letter and CV electronically, using your surname as the filename to: [email protected] or [email protected]. Regarding the qualification of candidates, we accept the Certification of Professional Qualification as per the National Professional Qualification Standards.

Head of Human Resources


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