Single base powders

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Single base powders

  • Flake and disc porous powders
  • Tubular powders
  • 7-perforated powders
  • Combustible cartridge cases for large calibre ammunition

The basic component of single base powders is nitrocellulose (90-98%). Various additives are used, such as chemical stabilizers, surface treatment substances, muzzle flash-reducing substances, and substances affecting the burning rate of the powder. The powder grains can be in the shape of cylinders, tubes, flakes, discs, or more-perforated cylinders.
Many of those powders have final surface treatment which has better burning characteristics. Single base powders are used in munitions and ammunition for pistols and rifles, mortars, canons, howitzers, and for other special uses in various branches of industry.

Description of products

Single base powders of LOVEX® for civil firearms ammunition

The calibres mentioned below are only of informative character.
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